Associate Professor Dr. Nysret Musliu

Institute of Logic and Computation (E192)
Databases and Artificial Intelligence Group
Faculty of Informatics
TU Wien
Room: HD0307
Favoritenstraße 9
1040 Vienna, Austria

phone: +43 (0)1 58801 58428
web: personal homepage

Head of the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence and Optimization for Planning and Scheduling

Research areas in the program

  • Combinatorial Optimization
  • Heuristic Optimization

Research Interests

Artificial Intelligence Techniques, Combinatorial Optimization, Planning and Scheduling, Heuristic Optimization, Exact Solving Techniques, Machine Learning and Optimization, Automated Algorithm Selection and Configuration, Tree and Hypertree Decompositions, Hybrid Techniques.

Know-how and infrastructure of the research group

The Group has been undertaking research on problem solving, artificial intelligence and database theory since 1984. It has been working intensely for many years on issues such as constraint solving, hypertree decomposition and scheduling. The group has successfully carried out several projects on problem solving and AI, including ARTE (2012-2017), Rota (1999-2002) and Planning Knowledge (2007-2010). Funding was obtained from the FWF (project number P17222-N04) for work on hypertree decomposition.

Collaborations within the VGSCO

With Monika Henzinger, Vladimir Kolmogorov and Günther Raidl on Combinatorial Optimization and with Arnold Neumaier and Günther Raidl on Heuristic Optimization.


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