Assistant Professor Dan Alistarh

Alistarh Group
Distributed Algorithms and Systems
IST Austria
Am Campus 1
3400 Klosterneuburg, Austria

phone: +43 (0)2243 9000-1178
web: personal homepage

Assistant Professor, Group Leader of Alistarh Group

Research areas in the program

  • Parallel and Distributed Optimization
  • Optimization under Uncertainty and Risk
  • Optimization for Data Analysis

Research Interests

Optimization for Data Analysis, Parallel and Distributed Optimization.

Collaborations within the VGSCO

With Immanuel Bomze, Arnold Neumaier and Birgit Rudloff on Optimization under Uncertainty and Risk, with Immanuel Bomze, Radu Boț and Arnold Neumaier on Optimization for Data Analysis as well as with Monika Henzinger on Parallel and Distributed Optimization.


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