Colloquia (DK Seminar)

A regular colloquium (DK seminar) will be organized in every semester.  This seminar will be attended by the participating members, the PhD students and possibly some outside guests. The organization will be in the hands of the PostDoc. In the first year, the supervisors will give longer introductory lectures about their subjects and will present the research themes. In the following years, the presentations will be given by the PhD students. This seminar will foster the collaboration among supervisors and may lead to joint publications.

In the semesters where no colloquium (DK seminar) takes place, an end-of-semester conference will be organized  where each student has to present his/her recent achievements. This event has a training character: the students should learn to present scientific results in a concise way also under some time constraints. This will help them to prepare for contributions to scientific conferences and to gain experience in presentation techniques.   

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The VGSCO organises various workshops within the program. Thematically they are meant to support the VGSCO students but they are open to anybody interested (outside the program as well) and cover, for instance, areas such as Scientific Writing or Presentation Skills.

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Each year, a retreat with the VGSCO group (faculty members, PhD students and associated PhD students) together with one of the guest lecturers is planned. It's a mixture of research and presentations paired with an informal get-together and social group activities, such as hiking for example.

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Social Events

Apart from its research, the VGSCO group offers a variety of social events, often including guests from abroad.

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