The faculty members consist of nine researchers from four different departments at four well-known academic institutions: University of ViennaTU WienVienna University of Economics and Business and IST Austria. All participating researchers are well-known experts in their fields and possess experience in (post)graduate education.

The Scientific Coordinater is a Post Doc researcher who acts as liaison officer between faculty members, doctoral students and guest lecturers, who complements research areas pursued at VGSCO and will conduct original research independently. The coordinator participates in the Graduate School’s teaching, research and administrative activities and contributes to linking the Graduate School with the national and international scientific community, cooperating with other academic departments and institutions and supporting PhD students. Among the duties is administrating the series of guest lectures and workshops and active participation in the selection process of Visiting Professors.

There are PhD students in the program who receive funding from the FWF, each of them is supervised by one or more faculty member(s). 

Other PhD candidates who are not regular PhD students may be accepted as associated PhD students. These candidates are selected according to the same procedure as the regular PhD students but their basic financing comes from other sources. Usually they are associated via their field of research and/or working group. They can participate in all activities and receive travel funds.

All former PhD students (PhD students and associated PhD students) of the VGSCO who have finished their PhD studies. 

The Project Coordinator is the administrative support for the project, students and faculty members and contributes to the organization the school's events.