Research Stays


Name Institution & Topic Duration
Niklas Hey School of Business, Stevens Insitute of Technology, Hoboken, with Zachary Feinstein, USA 19/03-18/06/2023
Lara Ost AlgoLoG, Department for Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Technological University of Copenhagen, with Eva Rotenberg, Denmark 19/03-30/06/2023
Tommaso Mannelli Mazzoli Mathematics & Statistics, University of Melbourne, with Kate Smith-Miles, Australia 18/03-19/06/2023
Marc Huber IIIA Barcelona, with Christian Blum, Spain 01/04-30/09/2023
Bo Peng School of Mathematics, The University of Edinburgh, with Emre Yildirim, Scotland 03/04-03/07/2023
Mikhail Karapetyants Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, with Szilárd László, Romania 15/04-17/05 and 22/05-22/07/2023
Eugenia Iofinova Neural Magic, Boston, with Mark Kurtz, USA 15/05-09/12/2023
Beryl Ramadhian Aribowo Materials Science & Engineering, University of Toronto, with Anatole von Lilienfeld; Canada 01/06-01/12/2023
Tommaso Mannelli Mazzoli IIIA Barcelona, with Christian Blum, Spain 24/09-23/12/2023
Bo Peng Department of Computer, Control and Management Engineering, Sapienza Università di Roma, with Laura Palagi, Italy 31/10/2023-31/01/2024


Name Institution & Topic Duration
Matthias Horn Carnegie Mellon University with John Hooker; USA January - April 2020


Name Institution & Topic Duration
Stefan Neumann Brown University with Eli Upfal; Providence, RI; USA January - June 2019
Caroline Geiersbach Universität Regensburg with Luise Blank; Germany March - May 2019
Axel Böhm U Chile, Santiago de Chile, with Aris Daniilidis; Chile March - May 2019
Dang Khoa Nguyen University of New South Wales, Department of Applied Mathematics with Guoyin Li; Australia March - May 2019
Markus Gabl Universität Augsburg with Miriam Duer; Germany March - June 2019
Morteza Kimiaei Sapienza Università di Roma; Italy April - September 2019
Dang Khoa Nguyen Institute for Numerical and Applied Mathematics Universität Göttingen with Russell Luke; Germany June - August 2019
Axel Böhm U Wisconsin-Madison with Steve Wright; USA June - August 2019
Caroline Geiersbach Weierstrass Institute with Henrion & Hintermüller; Germany June - August 2019
Matthias Horn IIIA Barcelona with Christian Blum; Spain October - December 2019
Markus Gabl Universität Augsburg with Miriam Duer; Germany October - December 2019
Marko Djukanovich IIIA Barcelona with Christian Blum; Spain October 2019 - January 2020