Future of the Publication Sector

Guido Blechl - Library of the University of Vienna

When: Jannuary 17, 2019 14:00-15:00
Where: Department of Statistic and Operations research, Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics

On Jan 17, 2019 Mr. Guido Blechl from the library of the university of Vienna gave a presentation about the new developments in in publication sector. Not only that the number of open access (OA) publications will substantially grow in the future, the European "Plan S" initiative intends to enforce OA-publications at least for tax-funded research, by allowing publication only in a sublist of certified journals.
Since the best international journals are not in this list, the matter is discussed controversially. Although these new rules will be applied only as of 2020, our collegiates were informed about these issues, which are important  for their future scientific life.

 How to Write Scientific Papers (in Mathematical Sciences)

Nick Higham - University of Manchester, UK

When: September 26, 2017 14:00 - 17:00
Where: Sky Lounge, Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics

Abstract: I will discuss various aspects of how to write scientific papers. The presentation will treat the craft of writing in general, as well as aspects specific to scientific writing; workflow; Latex and harnessing the computer to automates tasks; aspects of English Usage; and how to write and publish a paper. Plenty of examples and links to further information will be given. Some brief hands-on writing exercises will be given to the audience.

Nick Higham

Nick Higham

 Exploiting Recent Developments in MATLAB

Nick Higham - University of Manchester, UK


When: September 27, 2017 10:00 - 12:00
Where: Seminar room 3.307, Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics

Abstract: The last few releases of MATLAB have contained some significant changes to the core mathematics functionality and have also included several new classes (data types) that extend the functionality of MATLAB. I will describe some of these features and their impact on numerical analysis research and teaching, focusing particularly on linear algebra.