Associated PhD Students

The student body of the PhD program will consist of PhD students (receiving a fellowship from the FWF sources) and associated PhD students (getting financing from other sources).

The courses offered by this program are open to all students; the PhD students are required to successfully follow at least 6 of the offered courses. Other PhD candidates who are not regular PhD students may be accepted as associated PhD students. These candidates are selected according to the same procedure as the regular PhD students but their basic financing comes from other sources. Usually they are associated via their field of research and/or working group. They can participate in all activities and receive travel funds.


Current Associates

NameInstitutionWorking group of  since
Sricharan ARUNAPURAMUniversity of Vienna, Faculty of Computer ScienceMonika Henzinger2022
Nikolaus FROHNERTU Wien, Institute of Logic and ComputationGünther Raidl2020
Ida GJERGJITU Wien, Institute of Logic and ComputationNysret Musliu2022
David Alexander HULETTUniversity of Vienna, Department of MathematicsRadu Ioan Boţ2020
Bettina PONLEITNER University of Vienna, Department of MathematicsHermann Schichl2017
Michael SEDLMAYERUniversity of Vienna, Data Science @ Uni ViennaRadu Ioan Boţ 2020
Alexandr SHEVCHENKOInstitute of Science and Technology Austria, Mondelli Group Dan Alistarh2020
Maximilian VÖTSCHUniversity of Vienna, Faculty of Computer ScienceMonika Henzinger2022