Matthias Horn, MSc


Institute of Computer Graphics and Algorithms 186/1
Faculty of Informatics
TU Wien
Room: HA0410
Favoritenstraße 9-11
1040 Vienna, Austria

phone: +43 1 58801 186132
web: personal homepage



Günther Raidl

MSc (Computer Engineering)

Research area in the program
Combinatorial Optimization


  • Vehicle Routing Problems
  • Mixed Integer Programming
  • Variable Neighborhood Search
  • Combinatorial Optimization

Research Interests

The research interests of Matthias Horn are centered around techniques to solve combinatorial optimization problems. In particular exact mathematical programming techniques and metaheuristic techniques such as mixed integer programming or variable neighborhood search, respectively. Early work included the vehicle routing problems with site-dependency constraints.

Scientific CV

Since 3.2017: PhD Student, TU Wien
4.2014 - 2.2017: BSc., Computer Engineering, TU Wien
10.2010 - 4.2014: MSc., Computer Engineering, TU Wien

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