Participating Institutions

All participating institutions are well-known for their high scientific output. The main host of the PhD program is the University of Vienna. In the new building (Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1) with the Faculty of Mathematics on one side and the Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics on the other side,  new offices are provided for the collegiates as well as for the visiting professors, including offices for the administration.  Out of the eight participating researchers, five are located in this building. All offices are well-equipped with computing infrastructure, including PC’s and access to supercomputing facilities. Access to the mathematics and economics libraries as well as to all electronic resources is also provided.

Not far from this building is another new building (Währingerstrasse 29) which houses the Computer Science Department of the University of Vienna. It has a completely new computing environment and also contains the Computer Science library.

At the TU Wien, Guenther Raidl is heading the Algorithms and Data Structures Group, which is part of the Institute of Computer Graphics and Algorithms, Faculty of Informatics. The group currently consists of 12 members including a secretary and a technician. They are located at Favoritenstraße 9, 1040 Vienna. In this location there is enough space to host one or two additional collegiates or visiting professors. All offices are well-equipped with PCs. The group has its own cluster for high performance computing and additional shared supercomputing facilities are also available.

All pictures are © University of Vienna / TU Vienna / IST Austria