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The program aims at attracting the very best students from Austria and abroad. Vienna has already a strong reputation in Algorithms, Optimization and Operations Research and we expect a tough competition for the PhD positions in this program. The collaboration of 3 important research institutions in the Vienna area – in addition to the collaboration of 3 Faculties (Economics, Mathematics and Computer Science) within the University of Vienna is unique in its dimension and scope.

The lectures given by our guest professors are scheduled in the regular program of the particpating institutions and are open to all students. This extends the teaching offer of the respective institutions and broadens their activities.


Winter Term 2016/17

Amir Beck, TECHNION - Israel Institute of Technology (October 17-21, 2016)
390029 Proximal-based Algorithms

Kurt Anstreicher, Iowa State University (November 7-11, 2016)
390028 Convex Representations and Relaxations for Non-convex Quadratic Optimization

Jacek Gondzio, University of Edinburgh (December 1-7, 2016)
390035 Interior Point Methods for Very Large Scale Optimization 

Summer Term 2017

Christian Blum - Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (IIIA), Spain (March 6-17, 2017)
Metaheuristics and Hybrid Methods for Combinatorial Optimization (TU Wien)

Ruth Misener - Imperial College London (May 8-19, 2017)
Numerical Optimization Algorithms

David Williamson - Cornell University (June 19-30, 2017)
Spectral Graph Theory and Algorithms

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