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The faculty members consist of eight researchers from three different institutions (University of Vienna, TU Wien and the Austrian Institute of Science and Technology) and five different departments. All participating researchers are well known expert in their fields and possess experience in graduate education. Six of them have been involved in a structured PhD program financed by the University of Vienna which ended in December 2014.

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Immanuel Bomze Department of Statistics and OR, U Vienna
Radu Ioan BotDepartment of Mathematics, U Vienna
Monika Henzinger  Department of Informatics, U Vienna
Arnold NeumaierDepartment of Mathematics, U Vienna
Georg PflugDepartment of Statistics and OR, U Vienna
Guenther RaidlInstitute of Computer Graphics and Algorithms, TU Wien
Hermann SchichlDepartment of Mathematics, U Vienna
Caroline UhlerInstitute of Science and Technology Austria 




Institut für Statistik und Operations Research
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