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Stefan Neumann, M.Sc.

Faculty of Computer Science
University of Vienna
Waehringerstrasse 29
1090 Wien-Vienna, Austria

mail: stefan.neumann@univie.ac.at
phone: +43 1 4277 78341

Research area in the programme
Combinatorial Optimization

Monika Henzinger



  • dynamic graph algorithms
  • conditional lower bounds
  • cell-probe lower bounds
  • data mining

Research interest

My research interests are centered around the analysis of dynamic graph algorithms. For these problems I am particularly interested in deriving lower bounds (both conditional and unconditional) and upper bounds (fully dynamic algorithms and dynamic algorithms with only a small number of updates). Besides that, I also like data mining.

Scientific CV 

Since 2016, PhD student at University of Vienna
2013-2015, MSc in Computer Science at Max Planck Institute of Computer Science and Saarland University
2010-2013, BSc in Mathematics at University of Jena

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[1] Monika Henzinger, Anrea Lincoln, Stefan Neumann, and Virginia Vassilevska Williams. Conditional hardness for sensitivity problems. In ITCS, 2017.

[2] Monika Henzinger and Stefan Neumann. Incremental and fully dynamic subgraph connectivity for emergency planning. In ESA, 2016.

[3] Stefan Neumann, Rainer Gemulla, and Pauli Miettinen. What will you gain by rounding: Theory and algorithms for rounding rank. In ICDM, 2016.

[4] Stefan Neumann and Andreas Wiese. This House Proves That Debating is Harder Than Soccer. In FUN, 2016.

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